Photo Booths for Different Events

Find the Booth that’s Right for You

Have you been invited to an event where the organizers want to provide a photo booth? If so, you are probably wondering what type of photo booth is best for that specific event. There are many different types of events, and each one requires a different type of photo booth. For example, weddings have large guest lists with lots of children running around – which means they could benefit from having a traditional open air photo booth. On the other hand, corporate events typically have smaller guest lists and more professional attendees – so they would be better off with a closed air photo booth setup inside their venue. The photo booth hire will cover all the different types of events and which type of photo booth works best!

Photo Booth Hire

The first thing you need to keep in mind is the size of your guest list. If you have a larger group, then an open air photo booth would be best because it can fit many people inside at once and has more props available. However, if there are only 20-30 people attending this event, then closed air or tabletop booths will work better since they take up less space and tend to get lost in large events where guests typically go from one station to another quickly without getting too involved with any particular photo booth setup .

Next consider what type of props/backgrounds you want included with your package! Normally we recommend our clients purchase themed backgrounds for their photo shoots so that each part of the night has its own unique feel – even down to the individual booth set ups. For example, if you are having a 1920s speakeasy themed event with an open air photo booth for guests to use, then we would recommend purchasing our ’20s props and backgrounds package’ .

If your theme is more traditional – like bridal showers or weddings , then the best route is typically just hiring one of our professional photographers to manage each individual photo booth setup so that they can match the themes perfectly! Each event has different expectations for what type of photos will be printed out in addition to how many copies each guest should get during their session – so talk through all these details with us before booking any services.