Best Dog Breeds For Cold Climates

Man’s best friend is a universal treasure that can brighten up anyone’s day. This pet has become any human’s most treasured possession, but not without reason. Not only is playing with them enjoyable, but they also provide their owners with security and unconditional love.

While all dogs are amazing in their own special way, there are some breeds that would be more than perfect for living in cold climates. Some of the best dog breeds for cold climates include Shiba Inu Shi Tzu, Siberian husky, Akita Inu, malamute, Samoyed, Alaskan malamute American Eskimo dog. Below is more information on each breed mentioned above, so you may pick out your favourite!

Shiba Inu

As previously mentioned, all dogs are extraordinary in their own way. If you are looking for an energetic and loving dog to help you run or walk around the block more easily, then this is your breed! The Shiba Inu is a Japanese bred dog that was originally bred for hunting purposes. However, because of its unique personality traits (very friendly and social), it has become one of the most common house pets around the world.

This particular breed will be perfect if you live in colder climates due to its thick fur coat. It will definitely make you want to go outside with them every day since they love the sights and sounds of nature – cannot blame them though, who wouldn’t? You can find these cuties in any dog breeders catalogue or even in animal shelters, so why not take one home today?

Shi Tzu

Biologically called the “little lion dog,” this breed is calm and lively. Initially bred for companionship and loved by many, it only makes sense that they would be perfect for colder climates. Do not let their cute physical appearance fool you, though; this particular breed requires a lot of attention since they do get easily agitated without love and affection! If you are busy with work or school commitments all day, then maybe this is not the right pet for you.

If, however, you are able to give your shi tzu quality time throughout the day, then they will definitely repay you with unconditional love and loyalty! This dog is also great with children, so if you live in a family or have young ones – then this might just be your perfect match!

Siberian Husky

The Siberian husky is not only an amazing looking animal, and it has many other qualities that make it one of the best dog breeds for colder climates. This particular breed was bred to help humans transport their belongings through icy climates without any problems.

Their working ability and intelligence makes them one of the top dogs to own. Along with their beautiful fur coat, they are extremely easy to train. As long as you provide them with love and affection, they will always listen to what you say (like most breeds)!