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Types of Divorce: Necessary Procedure

What Are The Ways To Split From Your Partner

There are many different ways to end a marriage, but one of the most common ways is divorce. Divorce can be an emotional and difficult process for both parties involved, as well as their children. Albuquerque divorce lawyers can help you go through your divorce as painless as possible.

One of the most common forms of divorce is a no fault divorce. This type of divorce allows couples to split up without having to prove that one party was responsible for ruining the marriage, meaning there is no need for blame or resentment between two exes after they have separated from each other.

Albuquerque Divorce Lawyers

Another form of splitting up in which you may not be aware about is called an annulment. In cases where one spouse lied about their age, status, wealth and/or criminal history when they married another person this can qualify as grounds for an annulment rather than a typical divorce. An annulment voids marriages that do not meet legal requirements under state law instead of dissolving them like a typical dissolution does.

Another form of divorce is called a contested dissolution. This type of process requires one party to prove that their spouse has treated them so poorly either over the course of the marriage or during the legal proceedings, they are entitled to receive more than half of all marital assets and more than 50% custody over any children resulting from the marriage. If you feel like your spouse has done something wrong enough for this kind of divorce please contact an attorney who specializes in family law right away!

Also, it is important to note that, in certain states like Kansas where children are involved with a divorce it can be much harder for one parent to gain custody over the other. This means if you want more time with your kids than what would typically be allowed under normal circumstances you may need an attorney who specializes in child custody cases.