Tree Services for Your Neighborhood

An In-Depth Overview

If you live in a neighborhood, there is a good chance that the trees are important to you. They provide shade and privacy, keep your home cool in the summertime, and even help with air quality. However, it is not always easy to know what type of tree service your neighborhood needs for its trees. St. Louis Tree Co. will take an in-depth look at different types of tree services available for neighborhoods today!

The first thing to think about are your trees. Different kinds of tree service may be needed depending on the age, size, and species of each tree. Newer neighborhoods tend to have more smaller trees with less room for error in maintaining them properly. Older neighborhoods often have larger trees that can withstand being pruned incorrectly or without proper equipment!

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The first type of tree services is general maintenance. This includes things like weed eating around the base of a tree’s trunk, edging sidewalks next to large plants, and mulching flower beds near tall branches. These little tasks make it easier for homeowners to keep up their property but do not usually require specialized tools or training!

Depending on how many people live in your neighborhood (and what kind of insurance they have), you may need to call in a professional for tree removal if your trees are dying or dead. Make sure that the person who comes is certified and has liability insurance, as this can protect you from future damages!

And finally, do not forget about fertilization! Many neighborhoods benefit from every year applications of fertilizer at certain times during the growing season. This helps keep grasses healthy but also ensures that larger trees have all of the nutrients they need to stay strong throughout winter months when leaves drop away!