Best Reading Glasses

Where to Buy Good Quality Reading Glasses

Tips for Minus and Plus

Glasses are a necessity for many people, and reading glasses are a must-have for those who spend a lot of time in front of screens. But not all reading glasses are created equal – there’s the high quality ones that you want to buy, and then there’s the low quality ones that you can get from your local drugstore. We’re going to tell you about some tips on how to find the best reading glasses as well as where to buy them!

The first thing you need to know is that reading glasses come in two different styles: minus and plus. Minus lenses are great for people who have trouble seeing objects up close, while plus lenses can help those with farsightedness or presbyopia (a condition where the lens of your eye becomes more rigid as you age).

Best Reading Glasses

Where to Buy High Quality Reading Glasses

Luckily, many brands sell their high-quality spectacles online these days – here are some places you might consider buying them from.

For Plus Lenses : For Minus Lenses : Eyeglasses Online Rx Optical Coastal .com Warby Parker Zenni Optical Clearly Contacts *LensCrafters Luxottica Group Sales via Amazon GogglesNmore Target VisionWorks

*LensCrafters is owned by Luxottica Group, which also owns a number of other popular reading glasses brands.

High Quality Reading Glasses vs Low-Quality Ones: How to Tell the Difference?

How can you tell if your low quality reading glasses are going to break after just a few months of use? Here’s how! The first thing that will give away cheap reading glasses is their weight – high quality spectacles tend to be much lighter than those from drugstores or big box stores. Another way you can know whether or not they’re good enough for you is by checking out the nose pad and temple tips. High quality lenses have been known to last longer because their materials allow them flexibility as well as durability (for example, titanium nose pads are much more durable than plastic ones).

Another thing you can do is check out the warranty policy or return policy of certain reading glasses brands. If they have this, it means that their products will likely last longer without breaking down – so if you see a brand with an extensive return policy, chances are good that those lenses were made to be high quality!


Whether your prescription calls for plus or minus lenses , buying cheap reading glasses may mean having to buy new pairs every few months. To ensure that your eyesight stays in tip-top shape and don’t become strained from using broken glasses all the time, consider investing in higher quality spectacles instead .